Assistance, whether it be a faceless virtual service based in the Philippines or someone who is physically with you 24/7, is by far the best way to move forward with anything you want to progress with - whether it be for personal, business or a mixture of both. However works best for you to divide and conquer - because delegation is key! 

Dallas does creates a balance somewhere in the middle, perfect for sole traders and small businesses on the go, that like to see and know who they are working with every now and then.

how will it save me money?

Did you know....? The average office worker is only productive for 2 hrs and 53 minutes of the day, despite being paid for over 7 hours.  Now, this is not for one second implying that everyone who is office based does no work, but you have to admit the findings of a study by Vouchercloud make for interesting reading.  Time can just fritter away - but why should that be at a cost to you?

With these figures in mind, and this isn't even factoring in holidays, sick pay, pension and any other employment benefits agreed in the contract - paying by the hour can actually save you thousands vs. a salaried position per year.

Time wasted in the workplace...

what can a LIFE & BUSINESS MANAGER help me with?

Pretty much anything you like.  Assignments to date have included....

  • Research and competitor analysis

  • Setting up and installing blogging tools

  • Proofreading and editing a self-help books

  • Arranging and managing book launches

  • Website design, build and maintenance

  • Online Marketing

  • Networking

  • Social media management

  • Database management

  • Diary management

  • Correspondence

  • Financial organisation

  • Personal shopping/gift service

  • Travel arrangements

  • Project support

  • Event planning

  • Website optimisation reviews

  • GDPR legislation and compliance

.... but the possibilities are endless!