Dallas Does is a business and with any business you need a set of terms that outline how that business operates. However, to ensure this contract is easy to read and understand, I am taking a slightly different approach.

The main contract points included are:

·         Privacy (how I collect, store and use your data and personal information)

·         Our mutual ways of working

·         Payment Terms and expectations



The most important thing for me is to feel that you fell you can trust me with your business information and I can assure you I handle all data, whether personal or not, with complete discretion. My laptop, cloud-based applications such as drop box, emails, phone and any other electronic device I use is either stored safely and encrypted, or password/thumb print protected.

I prefer a paper free environment, so I keep what little paperwork I do have in a locked cabinet in my home office.

Financial and book keeping data, personal information, sales figures, business plans, internal affairs or your inner most secrets are for my ears and eyes only and are stored securely so you can fully trust your business and personal information with me.

I will not share or sell your data (I wouldn’t know where to start even if I wanted to).


Now, how do we work together so you can get the best out of me…?

Mutual ways of Working

A little notice is always good, a week is best but if something crops up last minute I will always try and accommodate and find a slot at any time of day.  One of the things I feel sets me apart is my flexibility and commitment to your business as if it were my own. I’m happy for the midnight call if it’s the only time you can find 5 minutes or the 5am meeting as that’s when your ideas are flowing.

As a rule of thumb, I like to work a week ahead but I fully understand this is not always possible in the ever changing business world and that’s what I am here for.

In the rare eventuality that I can’t make a meeting (and I mean very rare, I would have to be very ill or family emergency) I will inform you as soon as possible and reschedule as a priority.

I will always be on time, ready to work and get things done. I don’t mind coming to you, you coming to me, meeting at any convenient place, face timing, phone calls, texts, whatsapps, voice notes, pigeon, throw it at me…whatever works for you, I am here to make your life easier.

It is not in my nature or interest to drag things out to make a few extra quid - I promise to work as efficiently as I always can, your time is my time and I want to make every minute count.

If you happen to have something come up, I will require 48 hours’ notice to cancel a session. My life is a balancing act and I carefully work my diary each week to fit everyone in.  This means I kindly ask if you cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice then I will still invoice you for the time slot allocated, at a reduced rate of £30ph.

For the times I take a holiday or some time off with the family, I will always aim to give you a months advanced notice, so we can plan around it.


I have a lot of experience in many different fields, but I never profess to know it all, or predict the future!  Whilst I am more than happy to make suggestions, research, test and trial any system, app or plan that may work for your business, ultimately any decisions about the operations of your business is down to you.  No-one knows the ins and outs of your business like you, so you will be able to truly know if something will work once it is implemented.  Systems, apps and processes are never an immediate solution and they take time to set up, implement and refine, so please have realistic expectations as to my capabilities when booking my time.


Every business is different and so a lot of the work we do together will not be applicable to anyone else, however sometimes there are slight crossovers as to what will work for you.  Whilst I am not going to ever go to your nearest competitor and spill details about your business and then replicate everything we have done together, I do reserve the right to keep any ideas, suggestions or knowledge that I may have come up with whilst working together, as my own property.  I build up relationships with the support teams of the systems I work with and so if I feel something will work for someone else that we have been working on I will suggest it.  Likewise you will hear be refer to using “this with another client” – there is never anything in it for me (commissions or referral fees) just a genuine recommendation.


However much I love my job, I still need paying…

Payment Terms and Expectations


i) Projects/VA services: A minimum two hours is required per booking.  The first hour of any monthly booking is charged at £100 and subsequent hours are billed at £30 during weekdays 9am - 6pm (£45 during evenings and weekends).  In addition to your minimum two hour booking, we can agree additional hours and with either allocate you either a regular slot in the working week, or agree a turnaround time. 

ii) Website Maintenance charged inline with package selected (All the time, Some of the time, As and When), invoiced and paid a month in advance, with no minimum contract required.

I will let you know when we have hit 75% of the monthly pre-agreed hours and if I anticipate we will exceed the time, I will seek approval in writing before additional fees are incurred - so no surprises from anyone.

2. One thing I pride myself on is my flexibility and I understand that there will be some quiet months and then the crazier months and I want to be by your side throughout all the ups and downs. If the set number of hours we have agreed in part 1 are forecasted to change (either not be required or even exceeded due to, for example, holiday season, non-peak trading or any other thing it may be) the hours can of course be accommodated to match your business needs - whether that be reduced or extended for the busier times. You will see there is no minimum length of our contract here, so all I ask for is if you give me at least a months’ notice for the hours you wish me to work, so I can plan ahead.

3. Invoices will be generated on the last working day of the month and sent to you via email.

This will kindly need to be paid within 7 days.

I am really looking forward to getting started and seeing what we can achieve together.

A downloadable copy of these terms and conditions can be found here.