The truth is, marketing your website and business is never going to be down to one sole media channel. You’ve got your SEO (both paid for and organic), your social media, your email campaigns, potentially some blogging… a whole jigsaw of pieces that make up your online presence and branding.

We won’t profess to being experts in everything - but we work with a strong network of specialists to fill in any gaps.


Let’s get one thing straight; followers, likes, comments and views are not a recognised currency by any bank and do not equate directly to sales. However, over the last 10 years social media and the part it plays in digital marketing has completely changed the game and with it, most businesses’ online growth strategies.

Long gone are the days when people would question the value of a social media marketing manager (“so you just go on Facebook for a living..?!”) and is now without doubt a respected and considered marketing method. Setting budget and planning a strategy around your social media will help strengthen your branding, turn the volume up on your voice, increase loyalty and with it - sales and profit.


Number one statement when we speak to new clients is “I want to get to the top of Google“. Sounds simple enough? OK let’s stop there…

Optimising your site for the online search engines - OK, Google - has always been a priority when it comes to websites. Acquiring your visitors and potential customer base by getting found by people searching for you, your products or services costs money, time and attention.

The only way to garner real, successful results here is to work with specialists and spend the money on people who know their PPC from their Organic Search.

We can help.


The explosion of ‘Blogging’ over the last ten years has meant that anyone and everyone has a platform to be heard about their opinions, products, services, topics and anything else they want to speak out about.

It also serves as a nifty SEO tool to help answer queries from Google searchers, as answers are offered out to the query in the form of the blog - and therefore linking back to your website. Clever, huh?

It takes time though - and who has the time to sit and write blog posts all day? Content writers, that’s who! Well, us, to be exact.

We just love sitting down with a brief and creating articles that sound a little more human than keyword driven drivel, that will enhance your online presence.


Once you have acquired your customers and engaged with them and they have given you their details to hear from you - it’s essential you actually keep in touch with them! These are hot leads, that have shown an interest in your brand, product or service enough to want to receive news from you.

With the introduction of updated data protection legislation (GDPR was quite the hot topic in 2018!) everyone now on your mailing list are there because they really want to hear from you - and can easily change their mind.

So let’s send them nice, engaging emails that they are going to be interested in, shall we?.

Again, who has time for that?! Us. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.