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Staying on top of the social media game can be an exhausting interruption to the business you are running!

Imagine for a moment that you have a library of posts, ready to go when you need them, in your company’s brand colours that make up a consistent feed on your profile… Think of all those hours you have lost in a template app, trying to design something on your phone screen, working on it for so long you go off the idea and end up with nothing!

How much is your time worth??


Well we can help! You can never get the fonts, colours and logos exactly right when using some of the apps that are out there, so for a strong, consistent branding we find it best to design in Photoshop.

These fillers are a great way of making your social media life that little bit easier. By having a bank of branded content, it takes the pressure off you so you can post things you WANT to, instead of anything just because you feel you HAVE to.

How it works

Simply send us the names of three accounts you like the look of so we have a bit of a feel for the style you would like, and we will design some personalised options for you in your branding colours. Once you have chosen your templates, we will drop in the content for you - which you can either provide us with, or we can take from your website or in line with previous posts you have made.


This skincare clinic are busy ensuring their customers are happy and taken care of fully. They are not interested in messing around on Photoshop or losing hours on a template app! Here is an example of their templates - we made 6 months worth of content for them, so now they can continue doing what they do best, while information and branding continues to go out to their followers.

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… and this brewery and taproom needed consistent template messages, to get branded content out to their customers…


OK, I LOVE IT - what’s the damage?

Our “INSTA-NT CONTENT” package provides you with up to 5 templates to promote your business in line with your marketing plan. We will create a series of uniform, branded posts for you to post, to get your marketing message out there. We suggest a template for advice, testimonials, quotes, news and special offers - but you can choose anything you like - who knows your business better than you?

Pricing is super simple and can be paid in two instalments at no extra cost…



up to 5 Templates

6 months worth of content

3 day turnaround



Give us a call and speak to us about our Monthly Retainer Packages and we can even create and schedule the posts for you too!