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We are so excited to have you here - As promised, we would love to give your website the once over and see if there are any small, cost effective but oh so powerful tweaks that we can suggest you action for your site.

What you can expect:

1) All pages reviewed from an outsider’s perspective - find out what questions your visitors are probably asking themselves when they see your website, but don’t stick around to ask.

2) Mobile user testing - more than ever the mobile experience is essential so let’s check the mobile display of your site.

3) All links checked and any broken/dead links reported. We will scan your site and provide you with an audit of any broken links that are not redirecting to a live page

4) Out of date content highlighted. Sometimes its hard to remember you mentioned a specific date on your website and that date has long passed. You may have forgotten it is even there so we will highlight this for you to go in and amend.

5) Make suggestions on how you can refresh the look and feel of your site without costly redesign or redevelopment.

6) Test sequences throughout your site (add to cart, sign up sequences) and highlight inconsistencies or irregularities.

7) Anything else we spot that we know is easy to fix and will add value to your website.

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