Should I Automate my Marketing?

Automating is a big topic at the moment, and one recently covered by Forbes - a nice little article where experts gave their advice on how to get your automation right without losing the personal touch. An interesting read if you have 3 minutes!

Many projects Dallas Does have worked on recently have involved setting up sequencing and automating of some sort and I’m a big fan of it when its done well.

Getting it right can be tricky. Setting up systematic, intelligent messages that engage with your customer base authentically is effective in growing trust and establishing loyalty, however get it wrong and you send outdated, incorrect information that will have your readers looking for the unsubscribe button in minutes.

Imagine your best friend started to send the same old text messages, all with an exhausting sense of urgency - and sometimes about conversations they had been having with other people... exactly.

To do this well you need to really understand your customer, their behaviour and how that can naturally fit with your goal. Many times I’ve been talked out of signing up to a course or event that I genuinely was interested in - down to their OWN automated marketing! 

Personally, I cannot stand creating (fake) urgency. Buyers are savvier than ever and can make their own decisions - they don’t need that ‘last golden ticket’ opportunity every time. Its tiring, boring and not what we are trying to sign up for!

More info? Great. Some inspo? Fab. Comment below because this post will only be up for 24 hours(yawn)