It's All Gone Full Circle...

Attended a fantastic course yesterday with @dentglobal that touched on many subjects but this one point particularly stuck in my mind.

I’ve been a bit fed up with the way the world is working recently - the lack of human interaction is sad and even when we are face-to-face its not what it used to be; always distracted looking down at a phone, people constantly checking their watch while they speak to you (which when I didn’t know the capabilities of an apple watch assumed people were downright rude!) and then yesterday I spoke to someone who I thought was ignoring me till i realised they had wireless ear phones in covered by their hair! 

This isn’t an anti Apple rant (I bought an iPad and a pencil today as part of an efficiency method I learned on the course) so while I’m all for technology moving forward, I’m thrilled that buyer behaviour is moving back towards a face-to-face, bricks and mortar environment.

I feel its the reason Dallas Does is so popular; that combination of face to face interaction mixed with a remote, hidden workforce that you don’t have to manage.

What about you? Have you noticed a shift in your business regarding customer behaviour and interaction?